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Compassionate Family International
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About Us
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Our Vision: Our vision is to develop a new generation of responsible youth who will bring transformation to their families and communities by living compassionate and Godly lives, passionately sharing Jesus Christ with those around them.
Our Mission: To help children, youth and their families to come to Christ and to grow in their faith as we meet their spiritual and physical needs.
How We Accomplish Our Mission: peter
  1. Praying for the children, youth, and their families.
  2. Going to where they are to minister to them in their own cultural environment.
  3. Distributing food, clothes, and other household needs.
  4. Helping to provide adequate housing by assisting with repairs or reconstruction of their very old and dilapidated homes.
  5. Assisting children to attend school by providing payment for school fees, uniforms, and supplies.
  6. Offering informal school for those younger children who are unable to attend local schools.
  7. Providing assistance to children, youth, and families to obtain medical care and medications.
  8. Helping them develop their skill and build hope that will help them reach their full God given potential.
  9. Using sports as a means to engage in the lives of children and young people.
Our Programs:
  • Family Outreach
    The Family Outreach program seeks to discover the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of very poor families and to meet those needs in Jesus name.
  • Family Based Child Care
    The Family Based Child program visits children in their homes to discover their needs for continuing healthy development. Needs that are met include providing additional food, clothing, or helping to enroll in school, or to receive appropriate medical attention.
  • High School Gatherings
    The High School program provides off campus Bible studies and other training that seeks to disciple young people, developing their spiritual lives and leadership skills during these important formative years of their lives.
  • Students Contact
    The student contact program is an effort to connect with students in their school communities where we can begin the process of building relationships, expressing care and concern for them. Through the contacts young people are invited to the High School Gatherings where they will meet with other students, interact with caring youth workers and be exposed to the message of the Gospel.
  • Hang Out
    “Hang Outâ€